Pipe rolling

Pipe rolling

The words “pipe” and “tube” may appear to refer to the same thing, and they’re often used interchangeably when describing a long cylinder. However, there are many important differences between tubes and pipes. Knowing the difference when determining what you require for a particular project is essential.



The main difference between tubes and pipes is probably how they are measured. pipes are primarily used for the transport of fluids and gases, for example, oil, water and propane. Because of this, the inside (or nominal) diameter is the critical measurement. This indicates how much of the liquid or gas can flow through the pipe. pipes also come with a pressure rating which is crucial for the transport or distribution of the content.

On the other hand, tubes are often used in areas where the outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness are critical. This will be relevant in medical, construction and military applications.



While pipes are always round, tubes can come in a variety of shapes – rectangular, square and also round. So when yo refer to a square steel pipe you actually need a tube.



In general, pipes are usually much bigger than tubes. Their applications vary from about 1 cm to several metres in diameter. tubes, however, are usually used for applications that need much smaller diameters. You’re likely to find 25 cm pipes, but you’ll rarely find 25 cm tubes.



It is essential that pipes have no leaks since they are used to carry liquids and gases, For this reason, they are usually seamless. tubes are usually seam welded as they are often used in structural, weight-bearing applications. This makes them inherently stronger than pipes.


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