Carbon Steel

Special Steel Products – Carbon Steel, Galvanised Pipe, Metal Stair Railings and More…

We import / export to any country in Africa. We supply special steel which includes products such as rectangular steel tubing, steel handrails, spring steel, palisade fencing, roof access hatches, etc.



Bright mild steel
Key steel
En1a free cutting (b.s. number 220m07)
En3b bright mild steel (b.s. number 070m20)
En8 bright axle steel (b.s. number 080m40)
En1a and en8 hex bright
En3a black mild (b.s. number 070m20)
En8 black axle steel (b.s. number 080m40)
En8 black hexagons (b.s. number 080m40)
En9 black (b.s. number 070m55)