Hollow Bar

Mild Steel and Other Products – Angle Iron, Square Tubing, Steel Plates, Rods & More…

We offer our clients a superb service on mild steel and special steel even at the production site. Most companies come to us as an efficient and reliable supplier.

  • Mild steel is commonly known to be reasonable in pricing and effectively used in working industries.
  • We also provide a test certificate that is supplied with your material.
  • We offer all grades of steel, and also manufacture according to your specifications or drawing.
  • We can supply steel plates from 3mm thickness up to any size you require. We perform cutting to sizes, profile cutting and bending on site.


Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers offers clients a superb service on mild steel hollow bar.

We have been recognised as an efficient and reliable supplier of mild steel and other products. Mild steel is commonly known to be reasonably priced and is effectively used in various industries.

When looking at hollow bar, consider the following:

    • The outside diameter
    • The wall thickness
    • Length
    • Standard
    • Material number
    • Application (chemical industry or shipbuilding)
    • Surface

    In addition, we can supply mild steel hollow bar to meet your requirements and are prepared to go the extra mile to give our clients satisfaction.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our stainless steel craftsmanship. In addition, we are ISO 9001:2008 compliant and will consistently deliver quality service.