Steel Cat Ladders

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We import / export to any country in Africa. We supply special steel which includes products such as rectangular steel tubing, steel handrails, spring steel, palisade fencing, roof access hatches, etc.



Pure Stainless Steel is a leading steel cat ladder manufacturer in Gauteng to ensure safe access to any structure or chamber.

Most commercial and industrial steel cat ladders are installed on the exterior of a building. They are generally used to access the roof for maintenance. The steel cat ladders normally exist of flat bar side plates, round bar ladder rungs, and a bolted construction with safety hoops to prevent falling from higher sections, and may be fitted with a lockable hatch to prevent access, should it be required.

For higher steel cat ladders, landing platforms are included to provide a resting area. The steel cat ladder then continues to rise upwards in a zig-zag pattern that provides a safety barrier against falls.

As a leading cat ladder manufacturer in South Africa, Pure Stainless Steel manufacture cat ladders according to client drawings that are straightforward to install. In addition, steel cat ladders offer a robust and durable solution.

Building regulations require that any ladder over three metres need to have the necessary fall protection. Pure Stainless Steel can supply standard-sized steel cat ladders off the shelf or create bespoke steel cat ladders in-house according to client requirements.


As a leading cat ladder manufacturer in Johannesburg, Pure Stainless Steel also supplies the following products:

• Hook ladders • Fixed ladders • Steel ships ladders • Steel rolling ladders • Steel roof access ladders • Steel ladders with cage • Platform ladders


In addition to steel adders, Pure Stainless Steel supplies alloy steel, forging steel, carbon steel and galvanised pipe. We import and export throughout the whole of Africa, and other special steel products we offer include:

• Rectangular steel tubing • Steel handrails • Spring steel • Palisade fencing • Manganese cast lip liners • Reinforced mesh • Galvanised sheets


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Whatever your steel requirement is and wherever you find yourself in Africa, Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers has what you need. Contact us for more information about our products or prices.