What We Do

What we do

In addition to providing industrial materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fabrications, mild steel, stainless steel and specialised steel applications Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers also offer steel cutting and bending services.


High-definition plasma cutting

High-definition plasma machines offer incredible accuracy and efficiency when cutting mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. The cutting process involves blowing a gas, such as oxygen, through a nozzle at high speed, sending an electrical arch through the gas at the same time. This turns the gas into plasma, which is hot enough to cut through metal and moves fast enough to blow the molten metal away from the cut.


Guillotine cutting

Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers has a bed guillotine that can shear through steel and other materials up to 12mm thick, over 4 metres. This results in high shearing accuracy and repeatability for all cutting requirements through the latest technology, ensuring optimum quality.


Rolling of pipes

Pipe rolling is a process to create arc and curve shaped metal pipes. There are three common pipe rolling processes, each defined by the material thickness and end tool position. These processes are bottoming, air bending and coining.

The bottoming pipe rolling technique has various advantages, including greater accuracy and less spring back, but it requires different sets of tools for each bend angle, material and sheet thickness.

Air bending is a flexible pipe rolling process that allows different materials to be bent in varying angles. Coining is a highly accurate but potentially expensive pipe rolling technique.



Galvanisation is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to iron or steel, to prevent rusting. Hot dip galvanising is the most common method. In this process, which steel sections are submerged into a bath of molten zinc. Galvanising protects against rust through a barrier it forms that prevents corrosive substances from reaching the underlying iron or steel. The zinc will corrode before the damage reaches the iron, providing enough time for corrective measures.


Other services

Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers also provide:

  • Flat bar
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Standard and special flanges


The products and services you need

Whatever your steel product or service requirement is, Pure Stainless Steel Manufacturers has what you need. Contact us for more information about our products or prices.

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